Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nov. 19

Live from the lovely laptop. Sitting here with Gen. Talking, laughing, happinesss. We have sooo much time to kill. The boys are off to school, then work while we (Gen & I) sit here and pick our noses, lol. I'm convinced baby purposely took all the lighters. ? I can't even find my fanny pack. I need to shower, and get dresssssed dressed. Oh yeah, We're going to the gym and the jacuzzi socks are cute. They say "love" repeatidly on them, I plan on wearing them for the rest of the year. I'm so serious. Not. Gen walked out the room, I think she's on her phone. What do I do now? Pick my butt? I can't pick my nose without her, that would be just plain wrong. So, life is going pretty swelll right now..if I may say so myself. Let's cook, then eat.

LoOooooOve, I miss you already..come home.

I need to go make the bed.

Bye my fellow bloggers.


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