Monday, July 27, 2009


Today was a goooooooooooooooood day!! Me and Carrie went to hunnington beach intentionally for a "surfing contest" but there was sooo many events going on out there today. Soooo many people. Me and Carrie met some really interersting people. We were protesting with all these people to legalize marijuana...Everyone was taking pictures of us and asking to take pics with us. it was SOMETHINN ELSE. We walked around, explored, tanned, ate, went swimming in the waves. I tumbled in the hit by a board and kicked in the face by some surfer that had fallen too..lmao it was scary but really funny. I couldn't even find Carrie after that!!! Then we were watching a dance show and all the fellers that were dancing pulled me in the circle. It was crazy..let's see, what else? We met a paparazzi that had the hugest camera in the universe and named it lendsey (lindsey lohan) because she paid for it. He was telling us all sorts of crazy stories and adresses to famous people's homes. He knew em by heart, it was bananas. Overall, the day was probably one the best days this far!!!!!

mine and carries friendship bracelets that some lady gave us. she makes em & sales em but she liked us lol prettty groOoovy huh

while we were protesting this lady came up to us outta no where and decided to show us her tattoo of the marijuana plant

this old man knew was comedy, and his teeth were piss yellow so you know he smokes a whole lot.

when I was looking at the pictures on the way back, I realized his shoes..PAUSE

there was a ridiculous amount of people!!!!!

yeaaaaaaaah buuudddddy, rollinnnnn like a big shot. CREAM ON THE INSIDE, CREAM ON THE OUTSIDE. ICE CRAAAYME PAINT JOB!

we found these crazy/beautiful murals in one of the alleys.

so I saw this cool guy w/ his big ol camera and I kneeew I needed a picture of it..turns out he's a paparazzi and he starts telling us all kinds of crazy stories of famous people and lindsey lohan breaking his camera N her tryna fight him. He told us he grabbed her boob. hahaha


he was really determined to get all the cans in the world. you know I had to take a picture of someone carrying a bag of cans that is bigger than him.

the pink bike was adorable, it was hello kitty.

one of the dancers, he's from France :)

where they were dancing.

aftermath. and then it was "goodbye hunnington! you've been so kind!"

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