Thursday, October 8, 2009


Is the day NASA is testing "a new weapon". They are creating a bombimg plan to launch to the moon to confirm whether the moon has water or not! "NASA’s moon bombing plan is creating outrage across the world. Many people are questioning as to why NASA needed to bomb the moon. People fear that US may be testing a new warhead in the garb of water on 'moon talk.' But, as per NASA’s own admission, its scientific payload on Indian moon mission Chandrayaan [An unmanned craft from the Indian space agency] has already confirmed presence of water on the moon."

Honestly, I don't know what to think. In a way, I think it's nuts & I'm a little afraid. From what I know....veryyy (lol) large quantities of water were found under the lunar surface of the moon. That led to speculation that "human habitation" on the moon could be possible within decades! Can you imagine if we all found out that there was some type of human/creature/alien living on the moon..!? Wouldn't that be so wierd?? & Why must they know every little mystery in this world anyway?!? Sheeesh, the money (billions of dollars being spent) going towards this "plan" of thiers is a WASTE, first of all. I read "If you take one quart of water to the moon by spaceship, it costs $30,000,"..WTH, there's no point in wasting all that damn money! Let it be. That money could be going towards other know, MORE IMPORTANT things. For all we know..we could all die and not wake up tomorrow! Seriously...let it be.


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  1. These people are fucking crazy. Like, I don't understand why it's such a necessity to know if there are other people in the universe. Do they really build up their "NASA" and say "Let's go see if there's life on Earth!" or "Let's go see what those Earthlings are doing to their planet so we won't do it to there." And if life is there, are we supposed to all fuck up the Earth and move to the moon or Mars? Ha, I sounded like an environmentalist.