Sunday, December 6, 2009

hairstyles 101

As a few of you may know, yes, I am currently enrolled in the art and science of BEAUTY, Cosmetology. I will be posting blogs about hair and make-up (what I love)..along with more FASHION (another passion of mine), more often to inspire a few of you that share the same obsessions as me. So stay posted! With love, Arykah. Oxox

Hippie Hairstyles:

Here are a few of my favorite hippie hairstyles. One thing I cannot stand is every girl throwing a headband across their head & calling herself a "hippie". UM NO. The hippie look is so popular nowadays, but you have to know how to rock it well. So I will be listing a few of my favorites, and a few NO NO's.

Jullianne Hough

Katy Cassidy

Drew Barrymore

Here's me, with a few favorite hippie hairstyles. The famous "Roll-out-of-bed look" by Arykah:

& of course..this look:

what I did here was absolutely nothing to my hair. But put in a peek-a-boo braid (as I like to call it) Yes, the braid going across, is my real hair.

& the No No's:

I'm all for peace, love, & all of the above..but let's not have desperate written all over our faces people! Please! Let's get it together, (lol).

Short Hairstyles:

Below are a few favorites. From short hair to long hair. Short hair is in, now. Keep up with your latest trendy hairstyles. (for the people with short hair)

Medium length hairstyles:

Long length Hairstyles:

& this is just something fun I found. Hairstyles by Bumble&Bumble, with "the rhinestone ROADIE" & "The Hippie Heiress" being a couple of my personal favorites.

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