Monday, May 11, 2009

Del Taco at 2am.

It's May 9th, 2009..just leaving a friend's party, we decide to go to the beach. We get lost somewhere out in San Juan, but end up discovering a Del Taco that is open (inside) at 2:00 AM! Tell me this doesn't deserve a blog, and you'd be lying to yourself. Not only was this the perfect place to eat at the time, but on top of that, there was a decent amount of wierd people/creeps coming in after partying that had me & my friends laughing our asses off. Not to mention the table we were eating at had a plug where we could connect the uncharged phone for our convenience, so it wouldn't die on Landre =) Bean & cheese burrito (w/secret sauce), ENTERTAINMENT, and a life saver, all at the same time?? Couldn't ask for anything more.

By the way, the time on the phone says 2:08 am. But you probably think Im lying, haha.

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