Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Every Superwoman needs a Superman.

Now, Im not saying Im perfect, but I know that Im a great person and I deserve someone who appreciates me, for me. Not just my looks, but me. As I was sitting here, I started thinking to myself, what do I really want? Now, Im not Cocktail (from For The Love Of Ray J) I don't need a man to complete me. Well, I think every girl just likes the idea of being in a relationship & falling in love. Not me, I want something real. Most guys will ask a girl to be their girlfriend withought getting to know them, based upon their looks. Never ends up working out when he finds out what kind of person the girl really is. I don't need someone gorgeous. I mean, of course, someone who is decent, & carries themselves well. Don't need to kiss in the rain, (eventhough that's cute) but sitting at home with him, watching movies all day in his basketball shorts is fine with me. What boys don't understand is, after a girl does something like that with them, they think it's okay to do that same thing every time he sees her, they get too comfortable. A girl would like something different for a change. Buy her flowers on a Tuesday. Be creative. That's what God gave us brains for. I guess I won't know what real REALLY is until I find a man who not only is it, but can show me what it is as well. & by that I mean, someone who can make me feel it. I want something so real that I can't even believe it's real! Do I make sense? But hey, no rush neccessary.


  1. I luv wut you had to say right here
    its rare that you find a girl that thinks
    the same way i do im not try'n to bust a move on u or nuthin but damn u seem like ur the perfect girl u seem like u knw you have flaws but dont let them hold u back & still do you & yea u make sense. -miKe

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  3. Im lowkey there on the flowers and basketball shorts lol. As im growing, One day, ill be that person for a special woman

  4. ughh this is gods words put into a blog lol .
    i swear this shld be thee paragraph all guys need to readd !
    your views are what so many girls think
    but just dont know how to say .